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Body Per4mance 

Achieve your fitness goals !

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What makes my training approach highly successful :

Have you ever wondered why certain body weight exercises or movements make you feel awkward, intimidated, and disconnected ? No amount of coaching from your trainer and or training partner can make you " stick your chest out, and keep your back flat " during a dead lift for example. Your body might just not be able to get you to that position, no matter how hard you think it. A dysfunctional Movement cannot be coached! It can only be re-programmed through specific movement based corrective exercises. Being an FMS certified professional I use the FMS system to assess the way you move. With this simple, but highly effective screen I get a complete picture of your movement, but more importantly I can pinpoint problem areas and prescribe corrective exercises to regain mobility. Every exercise repetition that you perform using a dysfunctional movement only re-enforces the bad form, there's a name for that, it's called Functional Dysfunction, and I see it in gyms everywhere. At Body Per4mance I focus on getting rid of the dysfunction with a workout that is tailored to you, allowing every minute in the gym to count. There is no better or faster way to achieve your fitness goals !

You can read more about Functional Dysfunction on the link below.

Functional Dysfunction | Gray Cook, Physical Therapist, Lecturer, Author


“The Functional Movement Screen is paramount in working with all levels of athletes as well as fitness enthusiasts. As part of the rehab team at Fitness Quest 10, the trainers, massage therapists, chiropractors and physical therapists must work as a unit

to provide individualized care for all of our clients. The FMS is a constant among many variables in the training and sports medicine field. Our patients/clients are given an objective tool to discover their imbalances and gauge progress with corrective exercise

and proper programming. I highly recommend using the FMS to bring awareness of movement to the start of any exercise program, not only for the benefit of the client but also as a team approach for any rehab and training specialists working with an active population.”

Jennifer Reiner - D.C., C.S.C.S. Water and Sports Physical Therapy Certified Active Release Technique FMS/SFMA Certified 

Train to be fit, and the rest will follow.

The human body is one of the most amazing machines that you'll ever operate, but unlike any other machine, it adapts and compensates for strengths and weaknesses on a DAILY basis. Here at Bodyper4mance, I am focused on providing high-quality Fitness training to bring your body to its full potential both in and out of a training environment. My clients cover a full range of goals and abilities, from athletes looking to up their game, to individuals striving to shed a few pounds. At the core foundation of these extremes, is movement….quality, unobstructed, fluid movement that allows each and everyone of us to carry heavier loads, while reducing the risk of injury and maximizing the exercise potential in every training session.

Training the movement, rather than the muscle, is key in developing a well balanced body that is better adapt to consistently stabilize itself and allow fluid motion throughout its normal operating range. Once proper movement is achieved, greater loads can be applied to achieve a stronger, leaner and better performing you.

Browse through my site, and schedule an assessment session today.